Live Painting on Events 


Performance life on stage at music concerts

Performed with many artist like Bob Lenox (USA), Tadashi Endo , 

The Peppones, Kolkhorst, Jimmy Green, Carinha, Die Entspannten Bekannten, Klassik Organ by Dr. W. Kalipp, Starfire Chang

and Dance Performances like Ana Maria Munoz (Chile)  and Yarica von der Osten.

and many more 

Performance painting a whole Exposition as Event

Exposition in Entree of the Volksbank - Lüneburg

Dancing Performance in  Mondman -Lüneburg

All guest are dancing on percussion music - on the end are all paintings ready !


Painting on Weddingpartys and Meetings

Live Big Painting and the guest become drawings from impressions 

of the event.

Party Painting: everbody goes home with a picture !


Prices on Demand.



Performance  23. Mai 2010

in the Dom St. Thomä, Soest

Organ Concert with Dr. Wolff Kalipp

Painting: 'Father, Son and the Holy Ghost' 

Painting is permanent to Visit in the 'Silence'Chapter of the Dom


Live Painting at the Organ Concert of Dr. Kalipp


 SAS Forum in Bussum - Holland.

 During the Congress, Balyon was painting the Stand of PW Consulting. 


Action Painting Münzspektakel Lüneburg 2009







Action Painting 2009 Brauerei Nolte - The peppones












Gut Wienebüttel _ The Peppones - Playing Sax and Quick paintings on stage - Put into the public










Marios Bar (jetzt Irish Pub) - The Peppones 2008 - live painting












26 meter Painting - Openingcelebration of ' Solar on Highway' in Holland - On music of Kraftwerk. Many high officials take a drink and paointed by them self. 80th





Lüneburg 2009







































Hanse Tage Lüneburg - With Actor Burkhardt Schmeer and Company - 2012